RHOK 114 Gin


RHOK 114 Navy Strength Gin is our Boulder Gin at a higher proof of 114. And our PHOK 114 is created from our award winning Boulder Gin, which is a New Western Style Gin – A shift away from the traditional, juniper heavy Gins, and toward a more artistic and inspired flavor.

Our Gin is make with a careful inclusion of Lavender, Hibiscus, Lemon and Orange Citrus Peel, Sencha Green Tea, Angelica, and Chamomile Blossoms along with the traditional Juniper and Coriander that creates the balanced blend of Botanicals in this truly exceptional Handcrafted Gin.

This RHOK 114 Gin is perfect for todays mixologists that love a “Boozier” Gin to mix interesting and unique cocktails that require a higher proof.

Here is some trivia, why is it called “Navy Strength Gin”? Pour it on gunpowder and the gunpowder will still light. This was the way traders to the British Navy could prove the strength they were selling and not short change them with understrength Gin.

Boulder Gin is distilled, handcrafted and hand bottled in our distillery in Boulder Colorado.

      • A balanced blend of 11 Organic Botanicals from around the world.
      • Just enough Juniper to let know it’s Gin
      • Distilled in small batches in a Spanish Copper Pot Still.
      • Bottled by hand.
      • 57% ABV