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Pruf Vodka

Pruf Vodka

Prüf Vodka

There is no shortage of insanity out there when it comes to vodka, and just walking down the vodka aisle of your favorite liquor store is likely to induce total sensory overload. It seems that people are taking every possible flavor on the planet and adding it to vodka. Bubble gum, dill pickle, PB&J, bison grass, smoked salmon.  Ewww… Seriously? Do they really think we want to drink something that tastes like fish?

Vapor Distillery is offering a refreshing return to sanity with Prüf vodka. No silly marketing gimmicks. No crazy flavors. No pretension. Just a clean, soft, super-smooth vodka with a subtle hint of sweetness that makes it perfect for sipping or mixing to perfection into your favorite cocktails. We start with pure Colorado rocky mountain water and use only the highest purity alcohol that has been distilled from corn, and produce a pure, simple, honest, vodka.

      • Subtle ingredients for a unique flavor profile
      • Pure, clean and soft
      • Unpretentiously priced
      • Winner of National Award! 
        • Gold - 2015 Denver International Spirits Competition “86 Points!”
      • Bottled by hand
      • 40% ABV