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Make Malt Spirit Cask offer 2015

Vapor Distillery is offering Colorado residents the opportunity to distill their very own barrel of Bourbon or American Single Malt Whiskey. This offer is limited to 100 Barrels from the Vapor Distillery 2015 production.

With the purchase of each Barrel, customers will be able to attend a complementary weekend workshop where they will be taught how to make and barrel their own Whiskey under the watchful eye of Ted Palmer, Vapor Distillery’s Master Distiller. Once made, customers can either take their barrel of New-Make Malt Spirit home with them, or decide to let it mature in our Barrel room, where you will be able to visit and sample with friends and family as it matures.

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    • 15 Gallon Barrel and content ( approx. 85 x 750ml bottles at 40% ABV)

    • New-Make Malt Spirit (The yield after one year will be approx. 85 x 750ml bottles at 47% ABV)

    • Federal and State Liqueur taxes on your New-Make Malt Spirit paid in full

    • Colorado State sales tax on your New-Make Malt Spirit paid in full

    • Storage and insurance on the barrel for 1 year.

    • A weekend workshop which will culminate in the filling of their own barrel of New-Make Malt Spirit.

    • A certificate of ownership.

    • Access to your spirit in our Tasting room with friends and family.


For further information please contact Alastair Brogan at: