Vapor Distillery Products


Boulder Born Spirits

Located in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, a place as well known for its love of perfectly legal recreational pursuits as it is for its beautiful mountain scenery. Vapor Distillery begins each small batch of fine Handcrafted Spirits with pure Colorado Rocky Mountain water that comes from a chain of eight lakes fed by the Arapaho Glacier. 

Each of our Handcrafted Spirits are distilled in traditional Copper Pot Stills specifically designed to be best suited for distilling that individual spirit. Our 1,000-gallon Copper Pot Still was hand made to exacting specifications in the Highlands of Scotland, and enables us to draw off the best tasting portion of the distillation – The Hearts – with precision. Our Handmade Scottish Copper Pot Still is perfectly suited for the making of Gins, and has helped us to become an industry leader in the distillation of Handmade Craft Gins.

When you try one of our Spirits, we want you to be impressed. We believe in what we produce, and are proud of what goes into making each and every spirit. This is hands-on craft distilling – not mass production, and we invite you to taste the difference.