Boulder Born Batch 1

Released on: 4/8/17
# of Barrels: 1
Barrel Type: Ex Ginskey Barrel
Grain Type: 100% Rye
Alcohol %: 44%
Description: A spicy rye whiskey with subtle botanical notes. Light in color due to second use of the barrel. 

Boulder Born Batch 2

Released on : 5/25/17
# of Bottles: 132
Barrel Type: Virgin American Oak
Grain Type:
Alcohol %: 42%
Description: Fate Brewing Single Malt Whiskey. An un-hopped pale ale was made at Fate and the distilled at Vapor Distillery, aged in new 15 gallon American White oak barrels for 2 years and 6 months. Smooth malty nose with hints of apricot and tobacco leaf, finishes medium dry with a woody aftertaste.