Vapor Distillery


Our Story:

When you walk into our distillery, or try one spirits, we want you to be impressed. We believe in what we produce, and are proud of what goes into the making each spirit. These spirits are personal to us. This is craft distilling – not mass production. This is true craftsmanship. 

The art of craft distilling is not a skill one acquires overnight, and there are no shortcuts to hard earned, hands-on experience. Vapor Distillery, formerly Roundhouse Spirits became the first Legal Distillery in Boulder County, Colorado in 2007. Our Master Distiller, Ted Palmer has 20 years of experience, knowledge, and skill creating new and innovative Handcrafted Spirits.


What's in a Name

As our Distillery and reputation grew, we started winning awards. A lot of them. Along with the accolades and attention, we also received something else. Our very first Cease and Desist letter from a giant, international, and no doubt litigious company. The name of our Imperial Barrel Rested Gin took the first hit, and then there seemed to be no shortage of companies with Roundhouse somewhere in their names. It’s fairly apparent that filing trademarks was not very high on our skills list.


A Rose by Any Other Name:

In the end it’s all about what’s inside the bottle that really matters. The only thing that has changed is our name – Vapor Distillery – proudly proclaimed (and properly trademarked) on all of our labels. We still produce our Award Winning Spirits. We still have the same Master Distiller and Owner. We are still the same close-knit group of family and friends, and we still have the same passion for the fine art of small batch craft distilling.


How It All Began:

In an unassuming garage, with just a simple 3-gallon pot still, Ted Palmer began producing what is now our award winning Boulder Gin. In fact that very same still can be seen in the backroom of our distillery. And while we have grown, that little pot still serves to remind us of our very humble beginnings.